Friday, July 8, 2011


Hello all!

Welcome to the latest incarnation of Book Aesthete.  The idea for this blog was born in my virtual library on Tumblr, Book-Aesthete.  For a couple of years I have had a hobby of searching rare book rooms, book auctions, online libraries and other sources for books to collect.  I look for anything that is odd, rare, unusual, or in some way catches my attention; and save them there with some basic information. During the course of this time I have discovered some fascinating illustrators, book artists and publishers.  I decided to branch off here and spend more time learning about the art and craft of fine press creation.

The intent is to take a book of particular interest and begin to research those involved.  My focus will not be on the authors, although of course they will be an integral part of the journey.  There are plenty of wonderful blogs and websites dedicated to authors and their writings, most of which I'm sure I'll link to from time to time.  My hope is to use this blog to spotlight their collaborators:  illustrators, binders, artists, illuminators, calligraphers, etc.

Thank you for taking a look!  Please feel free to send me a note about any artists or publishing houses that you think would fit into the mission here.  I love to discover new literary artists and will gladly credit any referrals.

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