Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Graphic Interlude

Thanks to Mad Hatter for the heads-up on this one: Mike Mignola's very impressive cover art for the upcoming graphic novel 'Joe Golem and the Drowning City': (You can pop over to their post for a larger / more detailed look)

Mignola is one of my long-time favorite illustrators.  I have his 2008 HPLovecraft Film Festival poster framed and hung prominently in my house:

Hm, yes, ok, a bit of theme there.  Still, I am very much looking forward to this release.  Details (filched verbatim from Mad Hatter, again, many thanks):

Here is the pitch that originally sold the book, which gives us a bit more color:
A supernatural-steampunk illustrated novel following an orphaned teenage girl, an aging conjurer, a lunatic scientist, a Victorian occult detective, and the stalwart sidekick, Joe Golem, as they struggle for the fate of an alternate 1970s Lower Manhattan, which sank into the water during a catastrophe in 1925, leaving those unwilling or unable to abandon it to make a new life in streets turned to canals.
Joe Golem and the Drowning City, will be released March 27th, 2012 from St. Martin's with at least one sequel to follow. Mignola will be doing about 100 pieces of art of the interior as well. Mark down another 2012 book for your to-procure list.


  1. Yes - too bad it won't be published until next year. I'm too impatient. ;)